Friday, 15 March 2013

Bits and Bobs From The Last Week

A few things that due to time constraints (Eating Out, Presentation Awards (mine), Meetings and Socialising) that I didn't manage to Blog about.  First up is a short trip to Big Waters last Sunday, absolutely lovely when I arrived bright Sunshine, dry ground then before I had time to finish my Latte it was absolutely blitzing down with snow.

At times the island was nearly invisible in the Snow

Gorgeous Scenery

Then the snow stopped (for a while)
I dont know if it is my imagination but I am sure a Swan with the same crooked neck was at Big Waters last year or is this a common occurence

Pair of Goosander at Big Waters last weekend but couldn't get the two of them together

Curlew battling its way through the snow

In North Tyneside the Long-tailed Tits were out in reasonable numbers

At work in the College I put out a Fat Ball feeder and the same afternoon a small flock of 14 Long-tailed Tits came in to feed, unfortunately camera was in the car.  Then on Thursday morning I spotted a Black-headed Gull with a Colour ring on so got my camera out in anticipation but it never returned but a Herring Gull did which I got a couple of snaps of then submitted the sighting report.  I didn't get the full number as the last digit could be a 4 or a 7 but I submitted it anyway and have sent pics which show some of the number on the BTO ring.  From the colour code and the alphanumerics I ascentained it was ringed in "Aberdeen".

Thursday evening straight from work to the Great North Museum for the North East Photography Awards.  I hadn't submitted anything (for obvious reasons) but just wanted to see the pics and there some fantastic ones, no doubt they will be in some some sort of bulletin or on a website soon.  
The following are a few pics of chaps I know receiving prizes.

Eric receiving overall winner from David Lindo (Urban Birder)
 Callum, unfortunately (as usual) I was a bit slow
to get the optimum shot

Then a quick trip to the Bird Club meeting at Gosforth to acquire more 
knowledge to cram into my tiny old brain which seems to be retaining
less and less each day

Finally, have you done your bit for Red Nose Day

(or in the case of SedgeDunum Warbler, Hi, as he just sent me an email
in which the first line was the following
"Just got up.....9pm"
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