Saturday, 9 March 2013

Down The Fish Quay

Even with the awful weather this morning John and myself struggled out to go and find something to write about.  Sitting on top of the Tyne by the Highlights (thats not John's new hairstyle) we quickly got on to a Glaucous Gull so rushing down down to the Fish Quay being careful not to spill our Lattes we managed to get a couple of shots.

Record shot in case we didn't reach the Fish Quay quick enough.

We eventually got down to the Fish Quay, had to sponge myself down a bit to get rid of the excess Latte that was now dribbling down my beard, then out of the car like greased lightning.  Got a couple of shots off then there was pandemonium on the shed roof as one bird went for another and a few more joined in (bit like the Big Market at the weekend) and when everything had quietened down our Gull had vanished.  

So only a slightly better shot was obtained

The other thing we noticed from on top was the number of Eiders that had come into the Quay area.  They were split into 2 Rafts of 28 and 18 but later on we noticed a few individuals in the Harbour when we got down to the Fish Quay.

Well I'm a bit tired now so am gonna have some supper then hit the sack so will finish off EPIC TALE the rest of the mornings jaunt later on
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