Saturday, 23 March 2013

Rampancy at Rainton (R Certificate)

Saturday morning and a long hard look at the weather and John and I were still sitting in our respective houses in Jim Jams at the designated departure time.  At 09.30 the beloved asked me to go and get a newspaper so I decided to head out for an hour or two.  Not a great lot seen so here are a few pics from earlier in the week and a couple from today.

A nice male Reed Bunting at Big Waters

A bit of "Rampancy at Rainton"

The Moon taken from the house a couple of weeks ago
with a Gull in the foreground

Invasion of Greenfinches

"Shall I, Shan't I"
Don't Do It The Owls will miss you

Still a few Brambling around in North Tyneside

The Herring Gull which I spotted last week was probably T:204 not T:207 as 7 has only been seen in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire.T:204 was seen several times in Peterhead last year, seen in January, July, and September. It was then seen in Le-Potrel beach, Pas-de-Calais, France on 13/01/2013.   So although we don't know for certain, it seems more likely that it was T:204 making it's way back up from France to Peterhead for the breeding season.

A very quiet week and according to Windguru the lightest wind till the end of the month will be 10mph with all coming from the East with the temp not getting about 3Degrees

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