Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Nice Day Out Intterruppted by Work

Another walk round the Ouseburn on Tuesday didn't produce a great lot but its a nice place for an early morning wander, only saw 1 person in the 45mins I was there.  Plenty of Goldfinches, Greenfinch, Chaffinch,  Blackbirds, Mallards and their offspring and a couple of Moorhens (still no Kingfisher though).  Its a nice urban environment with lots of nooks and crannies.

An Osprey in Newcastle (if you look closely)

Low Tide is always the best time to look around, messier but more interesting

I saw 6 adult Mallards with 7 young uns, then another pair with 4 in a different location

A bit of street art painted on a board covering a window 

I then headed down to the Tyne Bridge for a look at the Kittiwakes.  There seems to be a steady compliment now which hasn't changed for a few days but less than last year.  If anyone wants some nice flight shots they like to land in the water close to the quay just beside the Guild Hall then take off in both directions and head along the quay at about head height.  Unfortunately my lens is just not quick enough for them and the sun is in the wrong position early morning.  

I also popped up to Big Waters for an hour in the evening, more Chiff Chaff and Willow Warblers, plenty of Gadwall and Tufted on the pond with a couple of Pochard, a couple of Swallow and Sand Martins having a late look at the pond and a new bird for the month, a Shellduck which dropped in for 10mins for a breather,

I'm Here, is there anyone else out there

Well, no one around so I'm Offski!

On my way out I bumped into Cain S leading his band of intrepid explorers,  He is one of the good guys.  Come on you oldies with bags of experience, get out there and help them, just like Mr J harangued helped me so any cock ups I make (and there is a few) I can sort of lay at his door with the excuse that "Alan didn't tell me that".
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