Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Back To Big Waters

A few more pictures from my favourite place from the last couple of weeks.  Its hard to keep up to date with birding, processing pictures, work, household chores and having a social life so I tend to get behind with things.  I cant wait for retirement, just a couple of years time, when I will do all those things I have always wanted to do like cataloguing pictures, sorting the house and the garden out properly, writing my memoirs just like some of the others I know who have become unwaged have done.

Anyway back to a few pictures from Big Waters 

The Swans seem to be doing well although one of the other two families, albeit with only one Cygnet, seems to have vanished.  On Little Waters we are still watching and as of Sunday the pitter patter of tiny webs had still not been heard

A bit of a territorial dispute when the Swan on the right got a bit close
to the chasing Swan's one and only Cygnet

This resulted in this Cygnet calling desperately whilst the chase was going one
Fortunately after a couple of minutes they were linked up again

Up to 3 Grey Herons have been seen lately but when they appear I always hope that they will
head for that classic pose they do on the Big Waters Tree
For once I was lucky

A couple of distant monthly ticks, the first Shovellers I have seen for
a few weeks on the pond

A Magpie sits on his favoured perch in the Feeding Station

The unusual sight of a Stock Dove in the Feeding Station

Three of the four Curlews that did a flypast on Sunday Morning heading North

It was Warbler City for a short while but the singing seems
to have died down a fair bit but occasionally one of them
just pops out to let you know they are still around

A delightful Roe Deer in a field of Buttercups (I think they are anyway)

Well back to work now as Carole insists I need to tidy my room up !!!
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