Sunday, 30 June 2013

Kittiwakes and Life At Big Waters

Wednesday morning I went onto the Tyne Bridge to have a look at the Kittiwakes.  A lot of them now have chicks but they are still quite difficult to see.

I did manage to get quite a decent video of one though

On Friday night I managed to get some fleeting glimpses of the Cuckoo that has been heard although seldom seen at Big Waters.  Although on Saturday morning I did get a couple more better views and it called in short bursts 4 or 5 times.   The Grey Herons are still a nuisance as they still chase each other and then attempt to get one of the Mallard chicks which ended up with the female Mallard hanging onto the Herons leg as it attempted to fly off (if only I had my camera in hand it would have been some great pictures) so here is couple of not so exciting ones instead

A couple of videos showing snippets of life at Big Waters from the last week with original soundtracks with unbelievably nobody swearing

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