Friday, 5 July 2013

Banks Pond

Spent a couple of really enjoyable hours at Banks Pond with Mr Up Close last Saturday.  We managed to see approx 40 4 Spotted Chasers, a couple of Emperors, loads of Damselflies and a couple of Common Blues and Large Skipper Butterflies.

Tried to focus on different points of these 4 Spot Chasers

Dont laugh at this, it was the best that either of us got
Wont they ever land?

Then tried to photograph a Common Blue from all 3 angles but the one I made a pigs ear of was the underside which is normally the easiest

Large Skipper

Finally a few more odds and sods snaps from the pond

Heath Spotted Orchid

A Frog which I thought I had stepped on and John picked it up to check it out and give it the 
Kiss of Life if necessary (fortunately, for the Frog he didn't have to) 

A family of Canadas  gently moving around

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