Friday, 19 July 2013

Wind Down At The Waters

Nipped up to Big Waters after work for a couple of hours.  First thing I spotted was a Treecreeper sitting on a post.  I was practically next to it before I realised it was there, expecting to see only Blackbirds and Robins in that particular place.  I slowly backed off to try and get a shot but no sooner than I had got off a tentative shot than it was away into the woods but I managed another quick shot before it just vanished.

On up to the hide where Graeme B was the only person around.  He pointed out a Common Sandpiper on the other end of the scrape but it was staying put as there was 20+ Greylags bickering on the scrape.  Graeme left and so did the Greylags so the Sandpiper started making its way over but the Lapwings as usual chased it back.

After about 30mins some of the Greylags returned and duing their absence I had been entertained by the Common Terns, up to 10 Adults and 3 or 4 youngsters flying around.

On leaving the Carrion were gathering in the fields west of the track but in the middle I could just make out a further flock of Greylag with heads poking out all looking the same way but I couldn't make out what they were looking at.  An extremely pleasant couple of hours as a wind down from work and a prelude to some hard work on the North Scrape today (well hopefully Alan, Graeme and Craig will be working hard and I will be cheering them on and clearing up after them as befits a person with a Man Management and Supervision Qualification and a poorly poorly little leg (which is unfortunately getting better so will have to think of another excuse soon))

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