Sunday, 12 January 2014

First Trip of the Year With John

At last a Saturday when John A and my social calendars didn't clash and we were able to get away birding.  We opted to head for the "Dark Side" as there had been Glossy Ibis and Waxwing reported so off we went.  Here are a few pictures from the day:

We then headed off to find a couple of Waxwings to photograph but they wouldn't play ball and fly to where the sun was but still managed to get a couple of shots plus the various birds that were feeding with them

I shouted at the these birds for ages telling them to arrange themselves into an arc but they didn't do what they were told, typical

We then headed for a quick lunch at the Fish Quay in North Shelds, no white wingers around but just sitting devouring Fishcakes and Chips was a pleasure in itself.  We then went to St Marys but failed to find the Siberian Chiffchaff (wasn't really bothered as I had seen it last week LOL).  Had a walk round in the hour that I could afford for the parking charges, took a while to get the ticket though as only one was working and the other was spitting out most of the money you put in - Cmon council you make enough from the parking and from people who get a ticket to keep the machines operational.  The tide had just turned so the birds were quite close and I took the following pictures:

We then headed home but first stopping at an address in Tynemouth to check out the Lesser Whitethroat and here is my bad picture of it

Not a bad day out as usual when I'm with John

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