Sunday, 16 February 2014

A Saturday Twitch

Saturday I headed down into deepest Durham to see the Warbler from the West.  Even though I got there quite early there was already 20+ people there (and I passed 2 leaving) but within seconds the birds was showing but mainly hiding behind a coconut feeder.  Eventually it showed a bit more but then turned and flew across the field over the A1.  Some people left and a couple of others went to hunt for it.  I just stayed where I was and waited as what I had seen wasn't exactly "stunning" or a "crippler" or whatever the modern parlance is nowadays.  When I go on a "Twitch" (yes, I know it was only 22 miles away) I want to see the bird, not just tick it and off I go with another one under the belt.  A few minutes later it flew back in and went onto the roof next to us then into the tree on the mound where we were standing.  As you know the weather was really crap (excuses again for bloody awful pictures) but I don't think anyone got any decent from those that I saw, even the guy in front of me who was clicking constantly every time it appeared, even if just one feather was showing and it was 30m away.  I got some good views straight above me in the tree, enough to recognise it today, 2 weeks ago I hadn't even heard of it, but a bit of homework last night and I at least knew what it looked like.  Not the prettiest of birds but it was still enjoyable seeing it and adding it to my increasing British List of which I haven't got a clue how many I have on it, but I know exactly how many birds I have seen at Big Waters last year, last month, this month.  So here are the worst and best pics I took, I will let you decide which is which.

I then drove straight to Big Waters but unfortunately it was absolutely hissing down so I decided to go home and let my beloved have the pleasure of my company on a Saturday for a change, isn't she a lucky girl ladyT.  

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