Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Few Shots From the Easter Weekend

Poor thing all on its lonesome at Big Waters

How long before the sound of flippy floppy feet can be heard?

Quite a few Linnets on the North side of the Big Walk around Big Waters

8 am and still a bit of frost on the back of the cow on Easter Sunday

First Orange Tip of the year

Gorgeous view of the first bit of boardwalk at Big Waters

20 yrs old now but Tigga's girth seems to be expanding as much as mine

Shelducks over North Tyneside

One of the 3 Common Terns that have been at Big Waters for the last few days

More distant Linnets on the fences around Big Waters

4 species of Butterfly so far this year

Had a good day out with John A on Monday and several walks around Big Waters with Alan J over the last few days which were also enjoyable, thought I might have lost the odd ounce or two but expect the calorific intake was more than normal in a vain attempt to replace the energy I expended along with the 4 Easter Eggs and 2 Chocolate Bunnies Carole bought me.

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