Tuesday, 15 April 2014

From Shovellers To Mars

A few shots from the weekend

You go for ages not seeing any then the top one was at Druridge and the couple flying were on the road between Cresswell and Druridge.

Despite an extensive advertising campaign for the refurbished accommodation at Big Waters
the only bookings we had for a viewing was a couple of Cormorants and a BHG and a Coot (bottom left) looking on enviously.

Plenty Goldfinch in the garden last year but haven't seen any this
year till this one landed just above the 2 Niger feeders I have out
but left after a couple of minutes

Shelduck at dawn flying over the Nissan Carport on the Tyne

Really pretty, but what on earth is it?

Red Red Robin goes Bob Bob Bobbing Along

Not a bird I get much of a chance to photograph very often
but this Stock Dove keeps going back to its nest

Could have done with a bit more sun on the Tortoiseshell

My first decentish view of a Blackcap this year

One of a couple of Roe Deers which kept us entertained for 20mins along with a fox that 
seemed to be stalking them

Finally Mars made its first appearance for a considerable time last night

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