Friday, 9 May 2014

Bank Holiday at Derwent Reservoir

Bank Holiday Monday John A and I headed out to Derwent Reservoir.  We arrived very early and literally stepped out of the car walked 10m and John was wittering on about a possibility of an Osprey when I spotted something in the distance so raising my bins and a quick glance through confirmed it was certainly an Osprey.  Watched if for a little while then decided to take a picture, should have done it earlier as this was the result:

We had a great day and the particular things that come to mind where the Cuckoo calling and the Snipe Drumming right overhead, I couldn't concentrate on one as the other one was always in the background.  The 2 Common Sandpiper canoodling on a rock with fishermen no more than 10m away on either side was great to watch.  The four families of Greylags with one of the possible parents being a Pinkfoot.  An hour in the hide with Steve F and friend getting our 3rd view of  an Osprey using the GB method of counting or 3rd Osprey of the day using my counting method (wink wink) and some great banter was only topped by the views of a Pied Flycatcher in full song.  On the way back we got a Ring Ouzel and Wheatear.

An artistic effort

Yes, definitely a Ring Ouzel

Finally as usual a few Videos

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