Saturday, 11 October 2014

Nothing Else But Big Waters Last Weekend

The Fantastic Five went for their usual wander around Big Waters last Sunday and what a good day it was with plenty to see.  I only had Mr Nikon out on a couple of occasions as the Bird Watching and the inane chatter going on meant I couldn't do more than one thing at a time (its hard to concentrate when one gets old - isn't that right Alan?).  Anyway here are a couple of the pics I took at their usual "amazing quality"

Now, I think you can deduce what they are now guys

Grey Heron on his, now daily, vole hunt

A few of the flock of about 50 Golden Plover which
circled Big Waters for about 20mins 
A late Comma in the Big Waters car park or perhaps it was
brought here with the car from warmer climates (SG=Glasgow),
on second thoughts possibly not
If you haven't seen a Grey Heron for ages just look in a 3 Acre 
field that has 1 pile of shit in it and Walla, there it is
A severely cropped pic (aren't they all?) of a Grey Wagtail

Plenty more was seen but I haven't got the time to go through the little book, so 
do yourself a favour come along and see for yourself where Mr J will welcome
all his old pals with open arms as he doesn't leave there very often nowadays (could
be something to do with the range of the bracelet possibly (just kidding)).

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