Thursday, 30 October 2014

Well its Wednesday again before I can get round to blogging, got to make more of an effort instead of resting on Mondays after a hard weekend, talking to Carole on Tuesdays (not too much yesterday actually as Autumn Watch was on) and we have Autumn Watch tomorrow as well as Life Story so getting a bit square eyed but will suffer the pain in the furtherance of my Wildlife knowledge.  At the weekend Mr Sedgeum and I headed up to Cresswell where was lots of ducks and very little sand for those little guys and gals who like digging in it.  We then headed off to Druridge but met a couple of birders coming out and after a quick discussion we headed up to Widdrington to look for the Buzzard who doesn't use Immac.  There were plenty of Buzzards who did use Immac and a few Birders there who didn't (apart from Mr Common who is too young to have used any skin products yet) so another failed local twitch.  We did get some great views of a Peregrine though who was taking a paddle in the far side of the lake and decided to go for a bath as well, and it was well worth watching.  We then went on another local twitch to Tynemouth for the large flock  3 Ravens that had been reported but it was once again a negative result.  So then we went home.  I did take a couple of pictures but nothing to worry the competitors in any of the local or national competitions, as a matter of fact nothing worth looking at but to hell with it here are two I took.

Tynemouth Pier (taken from the side where there was no wind) 

 A Kestrel (on the windy side of the Pier, just hanging)

On Sunday I headed straight to Big Waters for a change and went to the hide for an hour or two to get out of the wind and (none forecasted) rain before the walk.  A Curlew went over, a Kingfisher whizzed through, Water Rails squealing away, 32 Swans + 11 Juveniles battled occasionally round the lake, a few Shoveller were a bit distant (still not a good picture) and a nice flock of about 30 Goldfinches settled down on a tree next to the feeding station but didn't bother visiting.   After the walk which was done in record time due to the strong winds and once again the unforecast rain.  It was quite a good session in the hide with plenty to see and count, even I got my counter out and managed 169 Greylag (same count as Keith).  Golden Eye still on the pond along with many assorted Ducks.  Here are a few pictures from the day.

 Wonder if the wife will mind me upsizing, I could fit a shed in the roof

Some of the 169 Greylag arriving (quick count showed 165 Alan)

Then some of them leaving

The Vole eating Heron despite waiting patiently failed to score whilst we were in the hide

Then descending onto the Kingfisher perch without as much as a sorry for not doing the hair.....

My first shot of all this years 7 Juveniles from Big Waters practising their flying skills

Finally the highlight of the day was the appearance of a mother and her 2 does which we first saw a few months ago but today popped up on the scrape next to the hide

A great little video of the Deers on the scrape at Big Waters

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