Sunday, 1 February 2015

Howdon Wetlands - First Visit This Year

On Saturday I made my first visit to Howdon Wetlands for for a couple of months due to domestic bliss not being rampant in the Hall Household.  The beloved is now a lot better and my household duties whilst still numerous have been reduced a tad.  Although today (Sunday) I had 3hrs of ironing after my visit to Big Waters.  Anyway it was great to get down to Howdon where there are no dogs and no people, just nature, although Colin B did turn up but our conversation was mainly restricted to Wildlife and The Toon.   It was just like pulling on a pair of your favourite slippers which you hadn't worn for a while and slipping into your favourite chair (although the fire could have been a bit hotter and the door closed).  Anyway the place was quite busy but could have down with a bit more water and it would probably be busier.  Plenty of Shelduck, Tufted, Curlew, Grey Heron, Redshank, Teal, Moorhen, Stock Dove and Gulls galore.  The feeding station was full of Great and Blue Tits, couple of Wrens, Chaffinches, Dunnock and Robins.  No foxes seen although the actions of a few of the wildfowl led me to believe they were not too far away.  Anyway here a few pictures from the day and a video of the place just showing the wildlife moving around or mainly resting due to the bloody weather

Kestrel patrolling the outskirts of the patch although can't see it 
catching much in a Car Park

Now all the workmen and their machines have departed the walk to the reserve
gates is much prettier but still as muddy

Gorgeous Blue Tit waiting for me to fill the feeders

 A few of the Grey Herons that were there when I arrived and were there when I lift

Plenty of Gulls

and a few Shelducks

Whilst looking at these my thoughts drifted to The Toon

Curlew didn't arrive till High Tide
 Even some of the Cormorants came in from their Castle (see below) for a bathe

finally the video

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