Thursday, 19 March 2015

Catch Up

Once again leisure time is hard to find nowadays but managed to get out for a quick walk round Big Waters on Sunday as my beloved wife reminded me on Saturday that it was Mothers Day on Sunday.  I also reminded her that she was not my mother but was informed that if she say she wants to go out for a meal then we go so had to leave a bit earlier than usual.  So here are a couple of pictures.  

Quite a few frogs in the dipping  pond with a bit of spawn

At last my first LBBGull 

The White-fronted Geese are still around

At Prestwick Carr the Short-eared Owls are still drawing in the photographers
although not too close for Carole and I when we popped up for an hour


We did get away to Norfolk for 5 Days and one of the places we visited was Breydon Water which was absolutely awash with Birds

For about 10mins this Kestrel kept flitting from telegraph pole to telegraph pole and watching us as we walked round the perimeter of the water 

At the Quayside in Newcastle I spotted 2 Black-headed Gulls with white ring and black lettering.  I managed to get one of their numbers and within an hour received the following information back from Date Lutterop at the Bird Ringing Station in Griend, Waddensea, Netherlands
On 12-7-2014 EA4Z (metal ring 2507298) was ringed as an adult (>2cy) male in the colony of Griend, Waddensea, Netherlands (53.250, 5.250). Weight 291 gr. Wing 331 mm. Head + bill 84,2 mm. Bill height 8,2 mm. The breeding season was just over, the broodpatch started to fill, so it was probably  a breeding bird at Griend.  This was the first sighting of this bird. 

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