Saturday, 28 March 2015

Menage a Trois

Well at least 1 of the Kittiwakes seemed to think that was the game they were having.  I got out of the car and the most horrendous noise was going on, so got my camera out and started filming and it wasn't till after about 30 seconds that I realised it wasn't a "domestic" as I eventually saw that there were 3 Kittiwakes in the nest.  The ruckus went on for about 15mins until one of the Kittiwakes left and the 2 left behind started aahing and oohing at each other.

2 people stopped and talked to me as I was watching and filming, I explained what I thought was happening but said I was not sure, one of them said "bit like life!!" and then carried on to her destination.

"The Happy Couple"

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