Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Big Waters (plus)

Had a couple of trips to Big Waters this weekend and scored for 3 Year ticks


Mediterranean Gull
First pic taken from the Main Hide
 Then a quick run amble to the other hide
 Note the Med Gull in the background as the BHGull photobombs it (from the front)

The annoying bit was that if you look closely at the Med Gull below you can see it had a Green Darvic on which nobody got the number of and also on Sunday there was a Common Gull with a Green Darvic on which once again no number was obtained (What A Bummer)

A Pair of the 3 pairs of Gadwall that were on the pond

A tip for Mick M, if you want to look for birds you have to look out the window, not down.
(although you could have been distracted when you were putting the dates right in the Book)

Hoy, watch where your putting that beak!!!!!!

A couple of male Shovellers still on the pond knocking around with a couple of females

Finally the video which also includes footage of the Med Gull

I also went for a wander round Gosforth on Monday where I had the pleasure of meeting Tatooed Tony.  Also snapped a few pics

Quite a lot of toads and frogs on the path and by the waters edge at the Pyle Hide

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