Sunday, 21 February 2016

Garden Going Strong

Here I am at home still not able to get out due to hospital appointments, visiting relatives and getting out for a couple of beers.  I was going to go to Big Waters this morning but started doing a few chores in the house and before I knew it Carole was bringing me a cup of coffee and asking why I hadn't gone out yet!!  So sat down and looked at some pictures I had taken in the garden on Friday and Saturday.  First of all a short video, purely normal garden birds but just amazing to sit and watch nature from the house

There is at least 4 Dunnocks and a couple of pairs of Blackbirds in the garden
 The Starlings are amazing feeders, they go crazy for about 30seconds then up into the tree to possibly digest their food !!  We get at least 100+ in our garden at a time (See picture below which is most but not all of the flock)

 The Pigeons wait for me to stop filling up feeders and trays before diving in
 One of about 9 Magpies that pop in regularly
  Our Solitary Wood Pigeon, doesn't move much due to constant grazing

Sunflower Hearts go down well in my Garden 
 Full House - Waiting for a new bigger feeder
 Just love Greenfinch
The flock of House Sparrows seems to have dwindled a bit and I only see a couple 
of dozen at a time now instead of the normal 50+.  Have stuck another 4 next boxes
up on the fence, not expecting much as the 3 on the house were not used last year
either but as they say you gotta be in it to win it.

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