Thursday, 4 February 2016

Oot and Aboot (same place, different Saturday)

Went to Shibdon Pond again last Saturday to watch the Starlings leave their roost, this time we left home a bit earlier in order to get a Maclatte and not miss them.  We got there just in time as they were already moving in and out of the reeds.  The videos are not too brilliant as, per usual, shit happens and things go wrong and you get carried away watching them and the filming becomes just a camera waving around.  If I wanted to do it properly I would have a big lad as an assistant to carry all the gear and the lights, who does as he is told and keeps me supplied with Maclattes (anybody know where I can find such a guy?).  Anyway here is the crappy video, but at least I am getting out now.  If you want to see some good videos look at a Twitter feed from 
George Simpson @Gsne14718George 
He has some great videos up there

Sedgy Warbler and I then proceeded on up the Derwent and finished up at Far Pastures for 30 mins  before heading off to do some chores for Carole and collect a laptop table for John as he has worn his old one out conversing with Turf Accountants, but as I said, Shit Happens, and things didn't quite go to plan and didn't get to IKEA till Tuesday, SD Cards decided to not work and computer started playing up so I am here on a Thursday morning at 4am drinking Tassimo's Latte with an extra expresso in(which is quite good) and eating some fantastic grapes courtesy of Hutchys in Arthurs Hill (Isn't Retirement FUN!)  So here are a few more bits from half recovered cards from the rest of the morning.

Mainly Dippers Video

Here are some of the pics I managed to salvage

Faces are kept hidden so Gok Wan cannot find out who their tailors are

There are two of these beauties at Shibdon

Stop pointing that bloody lens at me

This is where the action is (the car park)
Don't forget to bring some seed

Amazing Birds (pity the pictures aren't)

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