Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Big Water - Couple of Drop-Ins over the Weekend

Went by myself and missed the walk on Sunday due to a late Moth Trapping session with Tom T and Graham W.  Only got to see Mick McG in the first hide and John D in the main hide who had been checking nest boxes.  The Canada Goose was on the main scrape with its young and the Great Crested Grebes had appeared with their young, how many is another question until they are in the open away from the reeds.  Played with camera in the dipping pond but didn't see much, so just had a walk round on my lonesome.  Here are a few pics from Sunday and previous visit.

Canada Geese into double figures on the pond
 Lesser Black Back feeling lonesome?
 Now where did I leave the Kids?
 Aaahhh, found them
 Flowers now coming through on the boardwalk to the main hide
 Check out the little'un having a ride on its parents back (still don't know how many though)
 Canada couple with 5 of its 6 offspring

 Between 5-7 Lapwing about on the prowl

Finally the Videos, the first is a one made over a couple of visits to Big Waters and Brenkley

The second one is from our garden where the young starlings
are being fed en masse by their parents, the noise they make
is extremely loud but it is fantastic just watching and listening


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