Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Big Waters - May Bank Holiday Weekend

A couple of visits over the Bank Holiday Weekend were very enjoyable even though I didn't manage to participate in the walks due to weather, shortage of time and bringing too much gear to carry around in the mud.  Anyway, great couple of days with year ticks of Yellow Wagtail, Grasshopper Warblers and Green Woodpecker.  Plenty of Blackcaps around and Sedge Warblers and even got some close (ish) views of the solitary Great Crested Grebe at last.  Thought my high range hearing had give up the ghost but thanks to Alan J eventually got to hear a Grasshopper Warbler this year then on Monday heard them myself without assistance then Graeme B arrived to tell me he had been listening to the two I had been from the Car Park whilst I was at the First Hide and we (Graeme actually) spotted it about 20m away in the long grass and I eventually got to see it (its just a stunning little bird) Thanks Graeme and Alan.  I hung back in the hide on Sunday for 30 mins and was glad I did as 2 Yellow Wagtails flew in and spent a minute or two flitting around the edge of the reeds.  The Green Woodpecker was Yaffling away in the Car Par on Monday morning (07.40) but I couldn't see it but when Graeme arrived about 9 he had heard and seen it on the other side of the pond then we both heard and saw it again about 30 minutes later.  Haven't seen one for a few years at Big Waters. (Note to self - remember to record it next time).  Put my camera in the Dipping Pond again although not so far down and managed to get video of quite a few Sticklebacks but no Newts this time.  Will submerge it next time about 2ft down so can clearer shots of the bottom.

Anyway here are a few pictures from my 2 visits, some are crap, some not so crap but none are what I would call good.

Couple of Birth Announcements - Mr ZAS and Mrs ZAT announce the arrival of their first child of the year at Little Waters (I actually saw 3 on Sunday but on Monday didn't see any as she was covering them up with large outspread wings as the rain tipped down).  Mr ZAS was with her on both occasions but soon appeared at Big Waters and was chasing the other Swans that were around.

There are a couple of Mallards with young as well although I watched a Heron take one of the young which to say the least displeased the Mother who went absolutely mental at it but to no avail.

A couple of Cormorants have been around

The Blackthorn is now getting thicker and is just an amazing bush

Swallows and Sand Martins playing on the reed edges in front of the hide with the 
occasional House Martin dropping in
A couple of shots of the 2 Yellow Wagtails

Quite a few Blackcaps around although getting a shot
of a female seemed much harder as they moved faster

Here are a few other shots from the 2 sessions
(Great Stock Dove walking around the Feeding Station)

Finally "The Video"

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