Saturday, 2 July 2016

Big Waters 26 June 2016

The long walk at Big Waters was done in great weather (for a change) and the company was great also, Alan J and Ian D, as usual.  Lots of chat about Brexit and the complete and utter debacle that it appears to us all, apart from the politicians, is going on was top of the list of things to discuss.  We normally chat about something then move on but with this we kept coming back to it even when we got to the hide where the Workparty had done a quick repair job on the damage done by the Ar******s last week.  Anyway here are a few pictures from our walk round (not many though, blame the bloody politicians for that).

Quite a few Butterflies were spotted today including the following:
Common Blue
 (no doubt if I am wrong I will be informed by my unofficial proofreader)

Large Skipper

 Speckled Wood

One of my favourite views on the walk
It should be all canopied over soon
 A Mistle Thrush hopping around the horse field
 Several Damselflies cavorting around

A Thunder Cloud forming - fortunately it did not come to its conclusion and broke up

Late getting round so a different view from the Emirates landing

One of two Emperors that were flying around for over an hour at the first hide

Just a few clips of video I put together from the day, none of which have been clipped or edited apart from a couple of text comments.  Personally I like listening to the audio as well because I sometimes miss things that are being said when concentrating on taking pictures or videoing


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