Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Big Waters 11 September 2016

A gorgeous day for a walk so all 5 of us were there, Graeme, Alan, Ian, Keith and myself set of on the long walk although after a few hundred metres and the weather really heated up showing that we had all overdressed as coats were off and garments unbuttoned.  Quite a good time was had as reasons of absence over the past few weeks were proffered and Alan offered up the tale of his teeth again for those that had not heard it and I talked about my away trip down South and West.  Keith talked about wind changes and planes he had seen and Ian just was as convivial as always.  When we reached the hide tales were again recanted as Mick was there.  I didn't take many pictures again although I do have enough to show a few things we observed on the way round.

Looks like the Dipping Pond hasn't been dipped for a while
 Small flock of Lapwings playing Follow the Leader
 Several years ago there was none of these yet on Sunday I think we saw more
of these than any other Butterfly
Never get sick of taking pictures of Mallards dropping in
 1 of the pair of Great Crested Grebes still on the pond feeding quite merrily
 Grey Heron waiting in hiding
 Only 3 Cormorants today
 3 of the 6 Pintail that dropped onto the pond about 10:15
Some more Pintail

Odd looking Mallard Hybrid
 Red Arrows must be on Austerity measures
"No pretty coloured Smoke"
A new member of the Team! 
 Looks like an excerpt from Top Gun (NOT)
 One of the many Meadow Pipits we saw that day
 The Emirates arriving a few minutes early

Finally a short video from the day


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