Friday, 4 November 2016

Big Waters - 30 October 2016 - Crossbills

Sunday walk around with Alan and Ian had us seeing quite a variety of species but for me the highlights were the Crossbills and the Greylags.  We saw 3 lots of Crossbills but the best views were the 7 that landed on the tree about 30m in front of us, managed to get a few shots before they were off again.

Short video followed by a view of the island after a Good Cleanup

Plenty of Greylags moving around the pond then back to the field, there were in the mid 200s but no doubt Alan J will send me a message giving me the exact amount although I do remember him saying there were more during the week.  Plenty of other things but didn't take a lot of pictures so here a few I did get.
The colours this time of year are brilliant


The island has had a short back and sides

 A couple of the 30+ Adult Swans that were on the pond
 Don't you just love the Greylag call ?
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