Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Big Waters 5 Feb 17

Out for a wander on Sunday with Ian D around Big Waters, we were joined later on  by Keith B and Graeme B and we did the Big Walk.  It started off quite cold but became a little warmer and brighter later on.

A couple of early morning scenic shots

 I heard a Crossbill and was trying to find it in the Conifers when an Oystercatcher dropped in.
Also seen around the Public end were a Treecreeper, Long-tailed Tits and a couple of Goldcrests
 The duck on the pond were notable by their absence although there were still a few around.  Widgeon moving around, a few Tufted, some Mallard, a couple of Gadwall, not many Teal, plenty of Swans (still beating each other up), lots of Gulls and a Shoveller although no Goldeneye were seen
 A Heron in its usual early morning haunt until the dog walkers move it off
 Jackday looking for scraps
 A Robin on one of its usual perches
 Nice clouds over the South West field
 The island a bit bare of birds and vegetation
 One of 3 Yellowhammers that were in the Feeding Station
 A couple of pictures of one of the 3 ringed Willow Tits, this one with White Tail

 A pair of Bullfinches flying around the Feeding Station which was quite full of
foraging birds

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