Tuesday, 21 July 2009

4.30am and I was up making the tea and toast. Sorted out the feeders etc in the beautiful morning light then thought what should I do before work, quick shower and by 6.05 I was in Far Pastures. Its quite a lovely place although like most of them the foliage could do with a bit of trimming in places.

I took the following photo of a Reed Bunting and noticed what I would have put down as Red Eye if it had been a "Human", but in this case it looks more a case of beak flash.

There wasn't a lot around but got this nice pic of a Mallard doing its thing.
I also officially saw my first chiff chaff, would have posted a photo but when I actually publish the blog a lot of my photos wont open when you click on them and therefore you just see the scabby little photo I put up, but some do ????
The actual highlight was a 10 second glimpse of a Kingfisher which shot across the whole area and then shot off around a tree to the South in its version of an Immelmann. If the weather is nice tomorrow might go there again, no traffic at that time of the morning and with the School Runs not happening atm then I can nip across the Tyne and get to work in less than 15mins
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