Thursday, 23 July 2009

Twas a Good Omen

Arrived at Far Pastures at 06.10 and started getting my gear together, poured myself a cup of tea and leant over to have a look at the log. Walking across the page was the beastie below - picked the camera and a quick pic, didn't notice the word Kingfisher underneath.

Half an hour later the duly noted Kingfisher appeared.

Popped down to Holywell later on at night and took many photos but being a bit of a softie at heart I really like watching the youngsters (specially as they are not mine)

Well time to fill my ever expanding tum, havent been on the bike for nearly 3 weeks although have walked a lot - but it dosent seem to be doing much good as I walked up and down quite a steep hill at work today twice and was bloody shattered. Will definitely go for a couple of rides this weekend prior to going to watch those big metal birds in the sky at Sunderland, cant wait to see the Vulcan again, last time was in 1982 and my weekly trip to Hauxley etc on Sunday.
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