Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Time Off (Guess What? - Its Raining)

Well where will I go wednesday evening thought I as the boss said "Sure John take a couple of days off". Watched the BBC New at 6 with the Met Office retracting their statement made a couple of months ago that we were going to have BBQ weather throughout June and July. Carole is a bit off colour also so no buggering off for whole days either.

I have spent a couple of mornings at Far Pastures before going to work, it is extremely relaxing and puts me in a great frame of mind before tackling the masses of paperwork the end of the Education Year brings. On leaving this morning at about 7.45am there was a strong smell of smoke in the air and when I headed down to Newcastle passing the path to the Thornley Hide I could see lots of smoke and about 100m further down was 2 Fire Engines and Police, couldnt stop and rubber-neck (too much traffic). I checked the Chronicle and listened to local news but didnt find anything. Anyone out there know what happened?????

There has been a Little Grebe keeping me entertained at Far Pastures (all on his lonesome), I have been willing him to come within decent pic distance but no joy.

Got a few sightings of the Kingfisher but havent quite got that picture that you know is the one you want

The Kingfisher appears most mornings but I think you need a bit more natural light to get a better picture or a camera that costs more than my car.
Grey Heron keeps eye on the pond most of the time although none of the other inhabitants seems to be worried about him, its quite comical watching the Moorhens go really close to him and give him an earful as they pass, Im sure I can see him jump when they start on him.

2 of the cats have appeared and are sitting in front of the screen and wont move until I give them their cheesy treats. One of them sits with his paw hanging in the air like a dog and makes the loudest purring noise I have ever heard until I give them their treats. The other one (the female) just sits and looks and Im sure she thinks that why should I do all that when my daft brother is making enough commotion for the two of us. When they have had their treats they then dissappear and lie on the settee, then the 3rd one comes up, he likes different treats but is a bit lazy, he dosent even jump up or make any noise, he just sits by my leg and waits.
Well better wash the dishes and make Carole a cuppa.
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