Sunday, 26 July 2009

People Get Nicer and Nicer

Got the key for Big Waters eventually so had a couple of visits there. They must have known I was coming so they laid on a flypast for me. I think they had another show to do as well at a small place called Sunderland

The people I met there were outstanding and I was told so much valuable information, especially from John and Allan, the hard bit now is to remember it all. Watched this Woodpecker from quite close and was mesmerised by it.

One of my favourite birds "so far in my extensive birding repertoire" is the Reed Bunting but this time it was now nearly close enough to touch

Its great to look out one window and see the best feeding station I have so far come across then turn around and look out onto a great lake with many different species, not too many waders though, although there is not too many anywhere atm after the "small showers" last weekend.
This attentive Mam never let the wee uns get too far away from her.

Even when I was leaving a resident of the community popped their head out to ask if I had enjoyed myself, he went on for so long I thought he was going to ask me to fill out a Customer Survey Report (which I would have gladly done and given them top marks).

Well back to work tomorrow, might give it one more go at Far Pastures in the morning to see if I can see the Kingfisher again. If he comes I might have some better luck with the pics after a nice young gentleman, Bill, gave me some basic instruction on how to use the camera and when I got home I actually broke one of the males basic rules (I looked at the instruction manual).
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