Thursday, 20 August 2009

Big Waters (Wheres is Little Waters Then)

I would just like to concentrate on a specific place for this chapter - Big Waters. One of the nicest places to go especially if you like a bit of comfort, friendliness and dont want to walk too far (like me). Get there early morning and the sunrises are just magnificent over the lake.

I go there at least 3 times per week accompanied by the beloved on at least 1 occasion. Her favourites are the family of swans and she must have took dozens of shots trying to get the whole family in line (and in frame).
Then there is the Kingfisher, what more can I say, possibly the most sought after bird for photographers. I dont class myself as a photographer so my "happy snaps" are just that. They are more luck and shouting out to someone "what bloody iso do I use now" and twiddling the knows then when I get ready to shoot the bird has left.

The shots above were posed for by a bird I had bribed, well why else would he have stayed so long for a numpty like me to get a couple of decentish photos. I was extremely proud of them then heard the other guys "you know the ones with the big ones (lenses that is)" saying I should have dropped that down a stop, the colour is a bit faded, should have opened up the aperture a bit more.

Lovely pic of a young Bullfinch, havent worked out if it is a male or female yet, know the colours are female but do they change when they grow up to be like Mammy and Daddy (must consult one of my growing pile of books)
A Harrier, not the one you want to see but I am interested in seeing them so it gets included. Not one of the regular flights into Newcastle which after a while you become immune to the noise but just like the other Harriers quite a rarity.
Below is another nice bird, a Willow Warbler, although some knowledgeable person will possible tell me its a Chiff Chaff (I cant tell the difference yet unless I see the 6th Feather on the wing but they dont stop long enough for me to look). Think they have different coloured legs also (will have to consult the books again)

Dont you just hate it when other birds try to muscle in on your photo which you have waited for, especially when someone says "if you had a different iso setting you would have had a better depth of field and it wouldnt look so blurry" Point, click and look is my philosophy.

A nice dunnock, you see the odd one wandering around, I think they are great birds, the same as I love Starlings also (people think Im crazy).

Finally a few odds and sods in one picture, the passerines at Big Waters are many and varied and if you watch my blog I might bore you with some of my pics of the Water based birds in the near future of which there is many.

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