Friday, 14 August 2009

It Always Perks Up

Monday Morning, the picture is nice but the weather wasn't.

As usual off to Far Pastures for a couple of hours relaxation before work. I think the birds had forgotten I had arranged to be there as they certainly were not. After looking at a couple of Moorhensfor a while I wandered round the hide and took a few pics of cobwebs and anything else that was in there.

Spider (Spiderus Unknowus)

Round Spider (Roundish Spiderus Moreus Unknowusi)

Went back at dinner for 30mins and the only thing I got was as follows

Long Thingy (Thingis Missis Dislikjis)

The next day things perked up - was treated to a fantastic display of flying, diving and fly/mosquito eating by upwards of 50+ Martins. We just sat and watched for about 10mins without even moving. Then an unknown bird popped in, took a couple of photos but they were not too brilliant so got the following of Chris (thanks)

We were tossing up between Wood and Green Sandpiper but eventually plumped for Green but even then we sent a dispatch rider hotfoot over the interweb for confirmation from a local expert - thankyou local expert.

Next day the Kingfisher came 3 times (if I print out all the photos I now have it will save me buying paint for the bedroom but the paper/ink outlay will probably be more) and I took some photos yet again. You can never have enough photos of birds said this chap as he pruned his collection of 1800 photos of 1 bird down to 1500. So yet another one for you to see

Had a couple of trips down the Tyne at Lunchtimes this week, by the West End of the Business Park. The amount of birds there is enormous. Saw at least 3 flocks of Lapwings of 25+ standing in rows that a Sgt Major would have been proud of. The Lapwing below was a Billy No Mates and was not afraid to come right up to the promenade wall where I noticed a couple of employees were tossing their excess dinner, wrappers and drink bottles onto the mud.

Well its the start of the weekend, weather not too promising and I cant even get my normal early start as I am taking one of the Sons and Family to the Airport at 0615 for 2 weeks in Florida. Hopefully he will bring some pretty pics back of birds for his poor old Dad.
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