Saturday, 31 October 2009

Golden Plover Day

Day off work to take the beloved to the Docs and afterwards she wanted to go for a walk so St Mary was the obvious choice. The weather wasnt at its best but the views of the birds certainly were, especially the Golden Plover. There had to be easily 500+ with a few interlopers (think I even spotted a Purple Sandpiper among them but havent had time to look yet as I doing this at stupid o clock as the beloved is feeling even better and wants to go to Fountain Abbey and Studley to see the Deer) and the flying displays were awesome, unfortunately once again I had left my camcorder in the car and pictures of dots dont even do it for me.

I also took a look around North Shields for the Sabine Gull but left after 30mins as beloved needed sustenance. Noticed Alan Tilmouth had pics from yesterday on blog, didnt even see him and he is a bit easier to spot than 1 Sabine in 2000 other Gulls, maybe its my near 60 year old eyes which managed to not see a Woodcock at St Marys yesterday whilst a pair of relatively new ones (13yrs) did as we were probably there round about the same time (well spotted Jack).
Well better feed cats, replenish bird feeders, sort car out, make the Mrs some breakfast (oh what a hard life I lead) and take it to her in bed then off to Sunny (hahahahaha) Yorkshire (the wife actually believes the weather forecasts!!!!)

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