Tuesday, 27 October 2009

You Try to Do Something Good.........

Monday morning, back to work. Thought it was time to show the lads and lasses at work a few birds close up so I hung a few fat balls and a couple of tatty old feeders that I had in the bushes across the road from the office. I did this at about 0730 and when I checked them out at 0900 there was already a couple of Blue Tits, a Long Tail Tit and several Black Birds showing quite well(I had strewn a bit of feed on the ground around the bushes also). Went out with the girls for a smoke after lunch, I dont but did until a few years ago, but still like the chatter and to be honest could still smoke a fag anytime. Little bit of banter from the Office comedians, Shazza and Mary, about tits, great and small but it was better than talking about NEXT, X Factor, matching shoes to dresses or whatever strange subjects these young (and I use the word loosely) females talk about.
About 1500 we heard this awful noise outside which I tried to ignore as I tried to struggle through the mountain of queries on my desk but after about 30 mins I went outside to see what was going on. There were 2 chaps with a hedge cutter and a tractor and they had cut all the hedges down to about shoulder height (sob sob sob) they had left a couple of trees which the hedges had been growing around. I spoke to them and they said that the College which had purchased the property now wanted to tidy it up whilst waiting for the funding to come through to build a new teaching block. Well I managed to spot one of the fat balls still attached to a small tree that had been left but the others and the 2 feeders were gone (I did spot a bit of green plastic been cleared up). Will stick a couple more fat balls outside this morning and try to pop into B&Ms and pick up a couple of their 99p feeders and a 1 and half kg pack of seed for 79p (I dont normally recommend places but for cheap and cheerful for birds try B&Ms in North Shields or High Farm).
A couple of pics from the (now decimated) hedgerow, where last week all you could hear was tweets in the distance and see the odd flyover, now you can see birds. Now if a couple of fatballs and feeders can attract birds (by the way I dont really think it was just them) why dont the bloody goldfinches come into my garden and nibble on my expensive nyger feeder.

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