Sunday, 4 October 2009

New Lens Weekend

Friday 2 Oct 2009 - Arrived home from work at 1500 looking forward to a quiet night. My beloved immediately gave me an ear bashing, whats this she demanded holding out a parcel, the guy knocked repeatedly and loud on the door at Twenty past Seven and woke me up. I explained to her that it was my new lens which I had only ordered on Thursday morning. After a quick explanation I was out of the door and away down to St Marys to play with my new toy. Got down there and set up and started taking pics, voice behind me said look over there its a Godwit, no says I, not expecting to see one but bugger me there was one. The voice belonged to Jack, Whitley Bay Blogger, who I had seen on a couple of occasions. His knowledge puts mine to shame at times. We eventually got to within about 5 yards of it (until some nice gentlemen and their dog got a bit too close) and I got some great photos which wasnt much of a test for my new 70-300, probably could have used an instatmatic with nearly the same results.

Next morning was up and away to Big Waters where the local drunk hung around drinking for at least 2hrs. When he left I couldnt tell the level of intoxication as they always fly as though they are 3 sheets to the wind.

Once again the Swans were out in force with some marvellous chasing going on.

All the Birds seemed to be huddled into various sheltered spots like we were in the hide, the wind was bloody horrendous. At one stage we had to close all the shutters with the rain blitzing in and soaking everything. Alan J, look, a picture with more than one bird on.
After hanging around till it quitened down (it didnt, it got worse) I headed to St Marys, and didnt even get out the car, just watched the birds getting their heads down also. Then I headed home to have a look at the 700 Pics I took with my new lens. My right index finger had been doing as much overtime as the wind had.

Sunday morning, off to Big Waters again, what a difference. Set up then sat down with a couple of others, first cup of tea and there was a Roe Deer having a look around the gully in front of us, too dark for photos really although the lens were working overtime anyway. There was a lot of movement today with birds, large flocks of Lapwing and Corvids flying around with several small flocks of Teal also.

The Sparrowhawk below dropped in for a minute and sat on a branch no more than 5m from us, the cameras were swiftly heated up and I dont think there has been more photos taken in one minute by 4 guys. I took 42 but severly pruned them down at home to a manageable 24 LOL. I like this one because it reminds me of a hobo shuffling along with his hands in his pockets.
Went home and made the wife something to eat cos she was at home feeling quite under the weather, would not have gone out but she insisted but I did return at 1300, having only been absent for a measly 7hrs. What a diligent and dutiful modern man I am NOT. Once again she insisted that her illness did not spoil my weekend so I was forced out to St Marys (didnt go too far in case I was needed). Saw plenty of wildlife although most of them had 2 legs and 2 arms, although they werent using their arms for their intended job (Keeping hold of a lead to stop their dogs charging into the birds). Discarding these Trials and Tribulations I managed a good walk around with a chap called Brian who gave me a detailed account of what goes on here (Thanks Brian I did learn a lot but forgot a lot also). Only 1 photo to show of a Rock Pippit which we watched for a couple of minutes devouring a moth like creature. The ones of the Golden Plover, Stonechat and Reed Bunting were not too brilliant so were dispatched to the big Recyle Bin in the Sky.

Well a successful weekend with the new Lens, needed all Sunday night to weed the chaff out and only ended up keeping a couple of hundred (thank god for big detachable HDs).
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