Thursday, 8 October 2009

Common (It Certainly Is Not) Crane

Thought a half hour at Lamesley before work would be a nice starter to the day. The hide was open someone already there (thats unusual at 0645hrs), "its there" says a voice in the dark, "whats there" says I, anyway to cut a long story short he then explained that the Common Crane was first spotted yesterday etc etc etc. I hadnt looked at the blogs late last night or this morning so didnt know anything about it. It was still quite dark but the Crane was quite visible although quite a distance away. It stayed for about 30 mins then took off and headed up towards Kibblesworth. We then went to find where it had alighted but I had to give up at 0800 and go to work. Lunchtime and I was back down there, my compadre had left a note in the book but after about 90 mins and only 1 glimpse of it in the distance had to go back to work again.

Came back at 15.30 and there it was in the Water Meadows. Below are some of the pics from the worst photographer in the world (well nearly anyway).

Every bird in the place (about 300+) was put up at about 17.15 when the black and white dog (which I have mentioned previously in another visit to Lamesley) came charging into the Meadow.

I was going to take a trip up to Druridge this pm and try to get some better pics of the Ibis (Think I am the only birder in Northumberland without decent pics yet) but that will have to be put off till the weekend (hope it will still be there then)
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