Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Didn't She Do Well

Off to work at 06.30 and filled up the feeders, spread a bit of Sainsburys (4 for a £1) blueberry muffin (couldnt eat them all as was busy cleaning bird bath) and installed a bird bath (empty ice cream 2l tub which I was forced to polish off last night in order that the birds get their daily cleanse). Whilst I was filling the seed feeder I heard a Long Tailed Tit (extremely loudly), it was no more than 18inches from my head. I took a couple of pics with the flash on and it never moved and stayed there for about 10mins singing then just flew off. Seemed so strange that a tiny bird was not scared of a well built (extremely dumpy and small) human being who was banging and clattering about in the bushes.

At lunchtime I had my first Female Greenfinch which was joined a few minutes later by another female.

Off home and it was still daylight (WOW). When I got home the beloved shoved her camera in my hand and said got a couple of good pics of a Blackbird this morning whilst doing the feeders and then at lunchtime I was busy watching Loose Women when I noticed this strange looking bird perched on the fence, it was a bit bigger than a sparrow but not as big as a Gull. I waited till Loose Women finished then went and got my camera and took a few photos through the kitchen window (doubled glazed and cooking at the time). Can you have a look at them and tell me what the second bird was. Put them on the puter and yes the Blackbird was quite a good shot

Then (with jaw dropping) I looked at about 10 misty shots of a Sparrowhawk just sitting there.
Had to Auto Enhance, sharpen and crop but its still a good first record shot of a Sparrowhawk in our Garden. Said to the beloved "you said it was a bit bigger than a Sparrow" she replied "Well I didnt have anything to compare it to as all the other birds had dissappeared for some reason". She reckoned it had been there for 20mins but after photographing it through the window had tried to go outside to get better pics but it shot off when she tried to open the door.
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