Sunday, 22 November 2009

Gosforth Nature Reserve

Decided to take the beloved for her first visit to Gosforth Nature Reserve, but, as she is not an early riser I went up for a quick walk round Big Waters and a visit to the Hide. This took me from 7.30 to 11.30 and when I got home the beloved was just finishing Brekkie and onto about Page 10 of the News of the World (which I had went out at 6.30 to get). Well it was a great session at Big Waters (as usual) but just a couple of photos.

Absolutely stunning back shot of the Spuggie showing the colours to its best.

A visit by a Grey Wagtail had my lens working overtime trying to keep focus as it "Wagged" around.

Finally a decent (ish) shot of a wren, have been trying for ages to get one but they are too fast for my tired old fingers.

Eventually got to Gosforth at 12.30 and spent just over 2hrs walking around and 30 mins in the Pyle Hide. It was extremely muddy as the beloved kept reminding me but still had a great time. Nothing really unusual but its just such a quiet place, never bumped into a soul. Found plenty of different kinds of Fungi.

Settled in the Hide and watched loads of Widgeons landing and taking off every 2-3 mins.

The most spectacular sight was 12 Sygnets practising take offs and landings with the Hide being the end of the runway for both. They didnt seem to care about the Moorhens, Coots, Wigeons etc and just plowed their way through them.

Heard quite a few calls on the way back but didnt see a great deal, heard a bit of scurrying in the undergrowth but didnt see anything and when we were returning on the Boardwalk something came flashing underneath causing a great deal of comotion and noise, once again didnt see nothing but felt the wife grab my arm and nearly rip it off. Cant wait for the place to dry up a bit to have a good walk round. Well back to work tomorrow and see what the feeders have brought in.
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