Monday, 28 December 2009

Cold But Sunny

At last I've found time to post a blog for last Monday. I have been out every day but just havent found time to sit at the puter. Anyway I stopped at the fields between Moor Farm and Annitsford Roundabout, on the way to Big Waters, as the Sunrise looked absolutely Fantastic.

Lots of birds in the fields but my attention was diverted to a couple of Roe Deer which were grazing away on the edges of the field. I watched them for about 20 mins but they never came any closer unfortunately. (I went back on Tuesday but was unable to spot them although the 2 Kestrels that normally hunt over the Moor House Roundabout were in that field so another 20 mins were spent watching them).

On to Big Waters where the footwear of the day should have been Ice Skates. Plenty of Mallard, Gulls, Mute Swans, a few Teal, Tufted Duck and the Coot numbers now reduced to 16 (they get less and less every day). In the feeding station plenty to see including Bullfinch, Brambling (havent seen them since though), Yellowhammer, Siskin as well as the normal Finches, Tits, Robins and an absolute flood of Blackbirds

Moved on to Blyth Estuary where there were quite a lot of Eider which made for some great pics with the the sun and reflection from the ships in the water.

Then onto the Business Park where the Estuary was absolutely full of Birds, well it was for about 10 mins until a couple of chaps with "big" cameras decided to walk right to the end of the spit of land where the river splits and sent up a few hundred birds including Goosander, Shelduck, Teal, Mallards, Swans and lots of waders and I didnt even see them taking pictures (Thinks back to when I "might" have accidently put up some birds that someone was else was watching and the comments and looks I got). Well thanks to those 2 for spoiling the fun the birders on the other side of the river were having watching them, especially the mature guy with the white hair and beard, the guy in the full camouflage suit and huge backpack seemed to disappear round the corner. Following is the only decent pic I got when they all flew off.

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