Thursday, 31 December 2009

Last Post For 2009

Well my last visit to Big Waters of the year but first a question, the day before I dropped into QEII and saw this strange Duck, was told it was some sort of "Call Duck" but after googling it I couldnt find any ref to the the strange tuft on the head, anyone out there can help.

A few random pics from Big Waters the first showing the ducks eating the bullrushes which I had never seen before, is this a sign of hunger as they havent had much water to feed in.

Yet another shot of a Robin in a nice Christmassy pose, cant stop taking them.

Nice shot of a Blue Tit, it must be the cold slowing them down giving me time to focus in.

Many thanks to Alan at Big Waters for replenishing the feeders no matter what the weather, watched him walk around in up to 18ins of freezing cold water for nearly 20 mins. Also thanks to John B, Ian and John for making Big Waters one of the nicest places to go Bird Watching (Now if only they could install central heating in the Hide, a drinks dispenser and a mega waste bin LOL)

Shortly after replenishing even the Mallards come in to the Feeding Area to see if they can get anything followed closely by the Swans also.

Well thats it for the year. Happy New Year to Everyone
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