Thursday, 17 December 2009

Out & About (Not a Lot)

Havent posted for a few days, several reasons, nothing of note, christmas shopping and lethargy due to crap weather. Since Saturday I have had a couple of trips to Big Waters, a couple to Prestwick Carrs and one to St Marys. Big Waters just prior to daylight is still one of the nicest places to be the songs and calls as you walk from the car park down to the far hide is great, it sometimes takes me nearly an hour to go the few hundred yards. A couple of pics taken in the dark on my saunters down at the weekend.

Only stayed in the hide for about 45mins but was entertained by the resident sygnets trying out their flying skills.
Female Pheasant having a bit of a plodge in the Feeding Station which is still suffering from an excess of water.

Had noted in the book that there had been a Goosander seen but didnt see it at all until I headed back to the Car Park. I noticed it, as I did a final wander round the bottom end of the water, tucked away in a corner. Stopped to watch it for a couple of minutes but that soon came to an end when a Labrador went charging into the water chasing a ball. Got a couple of distant shots but not the best in the world.

Off to Prestwick Carrs in order to stretch the legs on a good walk and the possibility of seeing the Short Eared Owls. Got some great views of 4 Owls hunting across the Carrs but too distant for pics although one did come and settle in a tree about 200m away (hence the pathetic picture below)

Also saw a couple of Kestrels hunting and a couple of Buzzards doing their sitting on a fence post thing (must buy a scope to see better - was thinking of getting one of these as money is a bit tight atm - Hawke 20-75x70 Maksutov-Cassegrain but cant find any reviews on it).
Finally, the sunsets at Prestwick are absolutely sublime, both times I was there it was picture postcard stuff although my photographic skills dont match up to picture postcard standard. If you look closely you can see hundreds of lapwings flying across.

Well we leave for a few days in Stockport tomorrow morning (my beloveds birthday), visiting Martin Mere, Leighton Moss and generally just wandering around. She was the one who wanted to go there (having overheard a couple of ladies extolling Martin Meres virtures whilst at Caerlaverock a few weeks ago) so being an old romantic at heart I fully agreed.
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