Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Quick Roundup for Last Weekend

Last weekend (just getting round to it - 4 days late) before back to work. Good walk round Big Waters produced the following: A stunning looking Reed Bunting

and a gorgeous Yellowhammer.

Saw 2 Buzzards in trees next to each other both were mobbed by Crows but neither of them moved until some people walked close to them. Couldnt get a pic of the other one as it was a hidden by branches but seemed to be a lot larger than this one.

The GSWoodpecker gave this box a real hammering during the last couple of months and I think a new plate might not be the solution.

Back at home in the Garden a few thrushes have been showing their pretty little faces

and a freezing cold looking Blue Tit.

Well Im back at work now so my infrequent blogs might become even more infrequent.
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