Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Blood Pressure Blues

Tuesday 9 Feb 07
Hospital appointment this morning so didnt get out till 10.30. But prior to departing to the Hospital there were quite a few Blackbirds doing some posing in the garden.
Had to take it easy after the appointment due to them fitting me up for a 24hr Blood Pressure Test so my beloved accompanied me to St Marys. A couple of Bar Tailed Godwits were on the South Beach along with a few Redshanks. The North Beach was host to quite a few Turnstones and a flock of over40 Sanderling. The Turnstone below gave a nice view as he drifted in to alight just below us.

The Sanderling for a change stayed at the edge of the rocks and didnt bother to come to the Beach (probably because there was quite a bit of Human Wildlife "playing" around).
They took of and did a couple of circuits on several occassions which were a joy to watch.

We then moved onto Blyth Estuary where the Eiders were out in force. 8 Males did a lot of displaying and fighting and 8 Females did a lot of ignoring, bit like the Big Market on a Friday night.

Another decent day out.
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