Monday, 8 February 2010

2 Good Walks

Monday and no work, had a lie in, didn't get up till 6am and by 7.30 the wife and I were off to Gosforth Nature Reserve. Didnt expect to see much on our way in as there was already a car outside and through past experience the first one in seems to send the mammals to the outskirts of the reserve but we encountered a pair of Roe Deer which came from behind and flew past us even before we reached the first boardwalk. We also spotted several Blue and Great Tits, a Dunnock and a GSW before we reached the Feeding Station. At the Feeding Station there were many Blue and Great Tits, as well as Robins, a Nuthatch, Dunnock and a couple of Moorhens pottering around. Off to the Pearce Hide, nothing on the actual pond in front but several Mute Swan and plenty Teal were on view through the Reeds. Then decided to do a full tour of the Reserve. We came across our first Snowdrops of the year, the only ones we found in our whole circumnavigation of the reserve.

A couple more sightings of a pair of Roe Deer and a Male, Female and a youngster. They stood and watched us for about 10mins through the trees but the minute I stepped to the side to get a better angle, they bounded away, the Male leaping high into the air. Another family of 3 came pretty close to us just a couple of hundred yards from the exit also.

We finished our "short walk" at 11.30am after seeing and hearing many of the usual suspects.

Off then for a sit in the Hide at Big Waters but when we arrived I said to Carole do you fancy a walk round as you have never been round the whole reserve, she said "is it far ?", "not very" says I. We wandered round and a couple of circuits of the area frequented by the Green Woodpecker but with no luck but seeing plenty including a Snipe, charm of Goldfinch and bumping into ISD (Ian) and a couple of minutes chat elicited that there was a couple of Pied Wagtail and plenty of Geese further around. Only saw a singular Pied Wagtail but watched 6 Long Tail Tits playing around for a good 5 minutes. Eventually when we got to the hide our legs were beginning to ache, its the longest I have walked in Wellingtons for quite a while and to be honest they are not the most comfortable of things. Most of the birds on the pond had dissappeared but there were a few Mallard who strayed over for a snack.

Lots of Greylag on the North Field with only 2 smaller Pinkfeet in view. Although something flew over the rushes opposite towards the end and the sky was filled with Teal which when they landed sent a few Goldeneye scuttling across the pond which I had previously failed to notice. The Feeding Station was absolutely heaving with birds, the ground being absolutely covered with Chaffinches of which I counted 27 at one time. I have never seen that many before but no doubt Mr Johnson will give me chapter and verse....... This Robin was most obliging and sat on the branch outside the window for about 5mins.
Finally a picture of my companion as she wandered round Big Waters, Pink Hat and Wellies with camouflage coat, most fetching. The other pictures were all taken by her.

Back Home for 16.30 via the cake shop and a nice cuppa
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