Monday, 15 February 2010

Damn, Missed The Goldcrest Again

Once again an early start, headed up towards Wideopen, as was sitting in the house bored at 6.30, looking on the slimmest offchance for a Waxwing. Drove past where it was sited on Saturday but nothing so went looking for the Deer and Buzzards by Seaton Burn roundabout and wasnt dissappointed. 2 Buzzards just dozing away there but further down I could see at least 8 Roe Deer wandering around. It was only just coming up to 7 but a large ISO and several tweeks of the white balance enable me to get several shots off.

After watching them for about 10mins, the Buzzards never moved, I then headed off to pick up John who I was going to have a day out with. As I rolled up to High Farm the Sunrise looked absolutely beautiful over that well know Beauty Spot, Wallsend.

Off we then went to Gosforth Nature Reserve. I wont bore you with more details as you can read what happened in Segedunum Warblers Blog at
Although I did like this piccie of a Nuthatch I managed to snap.

Also below is my pic of a Lesser or Mealy Redpoll (answers on a postcard, or in a comment,or an email, or on a stone tablet)

Once again a Great Day out with John.
A ps for a regular reader. Missed the Goldcrest again as the couple leaving the reserve, whilst we were scoffing lunch in the car, told us they had just seen. Damn only managed to see a BBBBBB
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