Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Early Morning Tyne Visit

Tuesday Morning, decided to have my first early morning wander along the Tyne. The first to come to my attention was this delightful Shelduck which swam round and round in circles for the 30mins I was there.

Above I said I was going for a wander whereas I never moved more than 5m as behind me was some marvellous singing going on and the birds on the river seemed to be coming to me for a change.
Next came a couple of Mallards which seemed to come from undedrneath the wooden landing where I also notice a mammoth rat come running out.

A Curlew flew in and landed right opposite me even though I was in plain view.

A couple of Teal wandered back and forward whistling their heads off.

Finally a pair of Cormorant flew up and down the River and eventually flew onto the Dunston Staithes further up.

Eventually I managed to get a shot of the Crooner behind me which had held me in the spot

I know these are not even good pics and the blog is crap but it is the first early morning pre work trip for nearly 3 months which really brightened my day up. Im posting this at 06.25 and am shooting off now down to the Tyne again. PS had my first Siskin at my work site yesterday when one of the girls came up and said why was there a canary eating from my feeders. Shot down and sure enough it was a "Canary Siskin".
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