Saturday, 6 February 2010

Gosforth in the Mist (And everywhere else)

At last a few days off so up early and was at Gosforth Nature Reserve before 8am. The mist forecast a bad day for photography (see I'm starting with the excuses already). As I got out the car a Robin was standing there chirping away, took a few bits of seed out of the pocket and dropped it on the ground at my feet intending to move away but the robin was there immediately only about 3ins from my toes. Snapped a couple of pics just
pointing in the general direction. Dropped a few more bits of seed as I got to the gate and just stood and watched as the Robin followed the trail and a dunnock appeared hoovering up behind. What a super start to the day.
Moved on to the Pyle Hide, the lock worked but unfortunately I couldnt get the door open. From the side I could see and hear plenty of Teal, a couple of Mallard and a pair of Mute Swans. Decided to head to the Feeding station and on the way spotted a single Jay hopping along the track but didnt come close enough for piccies. The Wren wasnt in its usual stump but saw it a couple of times flying around. A couple of Roe Deer wandered across the track followed 30 secs later by a Fox. Got to the Feeding Station and the first thing I observed was a pair of Nuthatch zooming around.
Then in the distance a flash of red and a GSW was sitting there just passing the morning away. It stayed there for about 5 minutes. It returned a couple of times and I also saw it (unless there is another one knocking around)away from the Feeding Station.

Back to observing the Nuthatch for about 15mins, they came in took a peanut or heart and off they went returning about 30secs later for a refill - maybe they were storing somewhere.

Plenty of tits, Chaffinches, Robins and Dunnocks flying around but off I went for a walk and within a couple of minutes I espied a couple more Deer, once again a way off but was able to watch them for a while.

A good walk round seeing plenty of Woodpigeon, Corvids and a few ducks flying around then on my way out I saw a group of 3 Deer, which consisted of the following 2 Females

and a male with his antlers covered in the fur like substance (is there a name for this ?). It looks quite mature with the antlers being about 8ins.

These deer brought the total up to 7 seen today. Whilst having observed the deer up close at Studley nothing gives one more satisfaction than to watch them from a concealed position and then attempt to follow them (normally only for about 5m in my case as my slim body wends its way between the bushes and trees and the smell of my Brut sometimes wafts over to them)
Off for a quick trip to Big Waters where the pond was quite full of Mallard, Teal, Wigeon, Goldeneye (13), Cormorant (5), Pochard (4), Lapwings and a flock of Greylag (94) arrived whilst we were there with a "CanLag" (my second sighting of this bird which was with a flock of Greylag of similar size last week). A couple of new Nijer Feeders in the feeding station means that the Siskins, Goldfinches and Tree Sparrows have more perches now and the Goldfinches dont sit and hog them all now.

My bird knowledge did not improve much this weekend cos I couldnt go for a walk round with Alan and Susan due to a prior appointment (You can select your friends but your family you just have to put up with).
Got out for an hour later on at St Marys and saw a Stonechat, 5 Mistlethrush, Kestrel which flew only a couple of feet over my head and a few other peoples on the West path at the back of the Wetland, about 40 Curlew on the field between the Wetland and the Caravan Park which kept flitting to and fro and a few Sanderling on the beach. In the wetland all that could be seen were Mallard, Teal, Mute Swan, a Grey Heron and a few rabbits running around.
Now....where can I go tomorrow, lets scout through the blogs and see what I've missed.

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