Sunday, 7 February 2010

Newcastle to Darlington - 3hrs 25mins

Sunday morning and the wife and I set off to Darlington to see her 2 sisters. Why do we have to leave at stupid o'clock says the beloved, "just popping in to somewhere on the way to have a 10min look at some birds". As we took the the turnoff on the A19 for Hartlepool I could feel the wife looking in my direction, eventually she said "not quite as the crow flies ehhh!". Went to the Marina but the only thing there was 6 Red Breasted Merganser. They were a bit far away and the weather was crap but managed to get a few murky shots.

Also had a walk along the promenade near Newburn Bridge where the wind was blowing a bit, plenty of Purple Sandpiper, Oystercatchers and Knot having a nod as the tide had reached its peak and was now rescinding. Eventually got to Sister No 1s house at 11.15, not bad, Newcastle to Darlington 3hrs 25 mins.
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