Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Once Upon A Time There Was A Caterpillar....

Sitting at work yesterday afternoon when all of a sudden there is a little squeal from one of the young ladies and a lot of chit chat ensued. Eventually the lovely Hazel brought this charming little fellow round. One the lads (the healthy young one) was munching on some pea pods (my idea of a little munch at work is chocolate) and gave one to one of the young ladies (another healthy slim young thing) as she was about to eat it something dropped out, hence the aforementioned little squeal.

Thinking to myself its a bit early for caterpillars I asked where the pea pods had come from, "Morrisons" was the reply, Nope, where was it packaged, hoping it would tell the county as I presumed it had been grew in one of the greenhouse about 2miles long and 2miles wide somewhere in Kent. Egypt came the reply!!!!, sure enough the packaging said it had been grew in Egypt (Air Miles, Carbon and all those things the ECO warriors talk about flashed through my head), why bring pea pods all the way from there when there is all these huge greenhouses in England in which you can grow anything.......

Back to the question, have we got any Egyptian Botanists out there (PML - of course Egyption Botanists are followers of a Blogger from Howdon - however stranger things have happened (I might see a Goldcrest this weekend))who can tell me what this caterpillar would have turned into so I can tell the girls or am I being stupid (probably am). Tried to Google but gave up after 30mins.

p.s I took the little darling down to my feeding station and put him amongst the little bit of greenery left for a hearty last meal before...........RIP
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